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From a financial risk standpoint, the most dangerous thing you do every day is getting into your car and leaving your home. Statistically, auto insurance is the most common form of insurance to have a claim with. READ MORE >>

When you go car shopping, you likely have a specific make and model you are interested in test driving. You may look for certain convenient features, such as radio dials located on the steering wheel or separate temperature controls for driver and passenger. Keep in mind that there are some safety features you may want to have. READ MORE >>

Even if you buy an inexpensive car to save money, gas prices can still break the bank. But did you know that filling up at certain times during the day and week may result in lower prices? Gas station managers might not want you to know that, but we're happy to share the information so you can save a few bucks. READ MORE >>

Teenagers take pride in their first driver’s license, flashing it around like a badge of honor and bragging to friends new behind-the-wheel privileges. But this is a troublesome time for many parents, who worry about their children’s safety. READ MORE >>

If you've been driving for 20 or more years, you know how to teach your teenager how to drive, right?Maybe.Things have changed a bit since you took driver's ed. Here's a quick look at what to keep in mind: Lower your hands. You probably learned to keep your hands at the "10 and 2 o'clock" positions on the steering wheel. READ MORE >>

Getting in a car accident is a frustrating experience. Many people immediately start thinking of the hassle of filing a claim and getting repairs done, not to mention any medical treatment that may be necessary. But if you get out of your car and realize that the other driver is uninsured, frustration can be tested to its limits. READ MORE >>

Have a new teen driver? Be prepared to pay rates that are through the roof. Insurance companies know that younger drivers get into more accidents than older, more experienced ones, and use that to their advantage when you are looking for teen driver rates. READ MORE >>

Here are 5 tips to save on your auto insurance.1. Go online. Many carriers will give you a discounted rate for online applications because it is an automated process and costs them much less to process your application. Discounts of 5% to 10% are pretty common. Pickard Insurance can help you with that, contact us. READ MORE >>

It should be inevitable that you need car insurance. People are so dependent on their vehicles for day to day activities. Between home, work, school , and other errands, car insurance is the only thing that can protect you in the event of theft or accidents. READ MORE >>

Non-standard insurance is a class of insurance for drivers who have a less than perfect driving record. Someone with a bad driving record might not meet the standards required by an insurance company to qualify for a regular policy. READ MORE >>

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