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From a financial risk standpoint, the most dangerous thing you do every day is getting into your car and leaving your home. Statistically, auto insurance is the most common form of insurance to have a claim with. READ MORE >>

The kitchen is the heart of the home and this is especially true during the holiday season. If you're hosting a holiday meal, then your house will be especially busy with family, friends and lots of food. Use these tips to make sure your home and family stay safe, no matter how much commotion there is. READ MORE >>

When you go car shopping, you likely have a specific make and model you are interested in test driving. You may look for certain convenient features, such as radio dials located on the steering wheel or separate temperature controls for driver and passenger. Keep in mind that there are some safety features you may want to have. READ MORE >>

Because teens are likely to get into a few fender benders as they learn to drive, many parents opt to purchase inexpensive used cars or pass down older family cars as their teen’s first set of wheels. But while saving money is a great idea, you must also consider the safety of the vehicle. READ MORE >>

Should you ever have to make a homeowners insurance claim, a home inventory list will greatly speed up the process. Homes contain an enormous collection of personal belongings, as you may have appreciated when boxing them during a move. Imagine trying to create such a list from memory. Very few people could do it. READ MORE >>

Many cooking oils on the grocery store shelf claim that they are “heart healthy” or “low in fat.” But the truth is that many of these oils are made with genetically-modified and processed ingredients with long, unpronounceable names that may be bad for other aspects of your health. READ MORE >>

Boats are fun for the whole family, including children. But kids may be too distracted by the fun to see that boating can be a dangerous hobby without proper safety rules. It's up to the adults to teach the kids about the importance of following safety rules, such as the following ten boating safety tips for kids. READ MORE >>

Whether you own a large company with hundreds of employees or you run a small business out of your home, you must protect yourself and your assets with business insurance. Below you'll learn about the various types of insurance policies available to business owners. Property Insurance READ MORE >>

Even if you buy an inexpensive car to save money, gas prices can still break the bank. But did you know that filling up at certain times during the day and week may result in lower prices? Gas station managers might not want you to know that, but we're happy to share the information so you can save a few bucks. READ MORE >>

Many contractors agree that every $1 you spend on home maintenance could save you $100 on future repairs. But it’s hard to perform maintenance on small issues if you don’t find out about them until they become bigger, more expensive issues. READ MORE >>

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